Masks must be worn at "crowded meetings and events held indoors" according to the latest Covid-19 decisions by the Communicable Diseases High Committiee, announced on Wednesday.

The venues were added to the previous decision that masks must also be worn when visiting hospitals, health centres, elderly care homes, nursing homes and prisons.

The requirement for Covid-19 contacts to have an antigen test done after five days even if they have no symptoms has also been brought back.

The decisions were taken as the TRNC saw a 177 per cent rise in weekly case numbers, from 310 as of June 14, to 859 as of June 21.

However the numbers of Covid-19 patients in hospital remains low, with three people in hospital on June 21 and none in intensive care.

There have also been no deaths from Covid-19 so far this month.

Source: Cyprus Today Newspaper